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Village Electric is a locally owned and operated business that cares about our community and its safety. It’s vital that you reach out to our team as soon as you notice issues with your electrical system so we can prevent hazards or electrical fires. We often don’t think about the condition of our electrical because it’s out of sight and out of mind behind the walls, but when it stops working, it can be difficult to complete typical daily tasks. Let us provide skilled solutions with our expert electrical repair technicians in Chelmsford.

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

  • “They couldn’t be nicer.”

    - Mary
  • “The workmanship is of high quality and rates are very competitive.”

    - Ian L.
  • “Installation was performed quickly and well.”

    - Jim V.
  • “They were professional and explained everything to me very well.”

    - Sara M.
  • “Arrived on time, were courteous, kept constant updates, and did a great job!”

    - Gail S.
  • “He provided a quick solution and I was pleased with his service”

    - Bianco S.

Common Electrical Problems

When you lose electricity or an area of your home becomes unsafe because of an issue, even the most simple tasks can become impossible.

Typical electrical problems we solve include:

  • Recurring tripped breakers: It can be infuriating to unplug everything and reset your breaker to use the toaster in the morning. Tripped breakers happen now and again, but they shouldn’t happen constantly. This is caused by an overloaded circuit that can be fixed by adding more circuits to your home or replacing your electrical panel.
  • Frequently burned-out light bulbs: Your light bulbs should never last less than six months. Constantly burnt-out bulbs are caused by a loose connection that is creating arcing. We can diagnose and solve this issue quickly so you have reliable lighting.
  •  Ground fault: Your electrical system is like a well-organized space where everything has its place. When energy chooses an alternative path instead of the ground wire, it causes a fault that can deteriorate materials. Water is a typical cause of this issue because it is highly conductive and easier for energy to move through than wiring. If you live in an older home, this may be because of a lack of GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, where water can interfere with your system.

Let our expert electrical repair technicians in Chelmsford solve these issues with ease so you can trust your electrical system. Village Electric is a team you can trust because we’ve cared for our community for years.

Call our team today at (978) 733-9593 or fill out our online contact form for a free safety inspection with your repair service!

How to Prevent Electrical Issues

Many electrical issues are caused by the wear and tear your system has experienced over the years. However, you can extend the lifespan of your components with a few helpful habits that protect your electrical system. Never plug in an appliance with a damaged cord, and try to use extension cords sparingly, so you don’t overload specific circuits.

It’s not uncommon for you to want more light in a specific room, but using more wattage than approved for light fixtures isn’t the solution. Instead, upgrade your current fixtures or utilize lamps to prevent overloading your fixtures and circuit. Using more energy than your current system can handle drastically increases wear and tear to cause hazards like electrocution or a fire. Most importantly, never attempt DIY repairs when you notice electrical issues.

Village Electric is only one call away for safe and reliable electrical repair services in Chelmsford. We have years of experience being the village you need to keep your home’s electrical at its best.

For electrical solutions, small and large, call us today at (978) 733-9593 or fill out our online contact form.

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